Ageing World

The pace of global ageing is impressive. According to estimates, by the year 2050 there will be more people over the age of 60 than children under the age of 15 living on our planet– 80% of them in developing countries.

80% of the world's population is not sufficiently protected in old age against health, disability, income risks and poverty, with only one fifth having access to a pension. More than 180 million older people live in poverty. Family support for older people is weakening under the pressures of higher poverty, migration and rising food prices.

The potential, the knowledge and the commitment of old people are often ignored by their societies and development policy makers. None the less elderly people achieve tremendous things by caring for their children and grandchildren in humanitarian disasters, when parents have migrated or in the case of the HIV/Aids crisis.

These accomplishments have to be recognized, the marginalization of older people in developing countries has to stop and the effects of global ageing must be brought to public attention.


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